3 Ways to be More Environmentally Friendly This Fall

It’s that cozy time of year again, which means enjoying lots of hot beverages, crisp autumn walks and baking new creations! It’s many peoples favourite time of year and it’s also the perfect time to include more environmentally friendly choices in your lifestyle.

  1. Invest in a Reusable Travel Mug

Warm drinks is one of the best things about fall, but a daily café visit can have a harmful effect on the planet. 16 billion disposable coffee cups are discarded each year, most of which contain plastic inside the cup and are not recyclable.

Bringing your own coffee mug to your favourite cafés will reduce the amount of waste being contributed to landfills. Plus, some coffee chains will offer a discount for bringing your own container, so you can save a bit of money too.

  1. Upcycle Your Halloween

Like Tapped Foods upcycles grain from local breweries, you can upcycle what you already have lying around your house into great Halloween décor and costumes! Not only does it save you money, but it also can help save the environment in a fun, creative way.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to picking a less wasteful Halloween costume and it is as easy as taking a peek in your closet. Searching “last-minute” Halloween costumes, provides thousands of creative ideas.

  1. Include a Plant-Based Dish in Your Thanksgiving Meal

One fun way to reduce your environmental impact this fall is by including a new plant-based dish in your Thanksgiving meal!

Animal agriculture uses extremely large volumes of water and is one of the largest greenhouse gas contributors. By choosing to make one or two of your dishes plant-based, you are lessening your impact on the environment in a delicious way! It’s easier than ever now to find alternatives to your favourite recipes and can be as simple as replacing butter with vegan butter.