Our Story

The founders of Tapped Foods love drinking local craft beer.  They spent a lot of time at local breweries and even started helping friends home brew beer. After a while, they started to ask what happened to all of the malted grains that are used to make beer. 

After discovering that a lot of the grain either gets donated to farmers for feed, or in some cases, thrown out as a waste product, the team started investigating the food properties of spent grain. 

They found that spent grain is extremely healthy and has tons of fibre and protein as a result of the brewing process. Home brewers and craft breweries have been using spent grain to make granola, veggie burgers, and other tasty food products for years, but no companies in Canada were sourcing and processing spent grain on a large scale. 

The founders set out on a mission to lower food waste by partnering with local breweries and making amazing upcycled food products.