Partners in Sustainability

Tapped Foods partners with Calgary breweries that care about sustainability.


Cold Garden Beverage Company

Cold Garden Logo

Cold Garden is one of Calgary's trendiest spots to relax and enjoy craft beer with friends, family, and dogs. The owners of Cold Garden are passionate about preventing food waste and they supply Tapped Foods with high quality Canadian spent grains. 


Prairie Dog Brewing

Prairie Dog

Prairie Dog Brewing is excited to work with Tapped Foods as a partner in sustainability. This family friendly brewpub offers a unique line up of craft beers that can be paired with mouth watering smoked bbq. 


Village Brewery

One of the largest breweries in Calgary, Village Brewery has been producing high quality beer for years. Their slogan 'it takes a village' highlights their commitment to community. Village provides grain to Tapped Foods as they join us on our mission to lower food waste. 


Confluence Distilling



If you want amazing distilled spirits, check out Confluence Distilling! Confluence uses the perfect blend of science and art to craft delicious distilled creations. 


Ol'Beautiful Brewing Co

The name Ol'Beautiful is perfect for this brewery that crafts beautiful beers in their vintage inspired Inglewood location. You might see their classic red car making deliveries around town.